Bath, Brush, Blow Dry

An essential service that maintains the appearance and hygiene of your pet. For full coated dogs, we recommend this service every two weeks.…

Training – K9 Nutt

K9 Nutt & Dottie Dunnigan are trusted with all of It’s Pawfect’s dog training needs.…

Light Trim

Exactly what it sounds like, “just a little off the top.” Your pet will appear to have a haircut without actually taking any length off.…

Fur Art & The Art of Fur Academy

Yes, fur art! In collaboration with Art of Fur Academy, It’s Pawfect creates beautiful designs on fur using color and accessories that are safe …

Full Haircut

This service is the Full Monty from nose to tail, including all the elements described per the bath and brush out, plus the haircut.  Our experienced…

Pet Boarding

The best choice for boarding when it comes to your furry family member! For more information please contact us.…

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Could you give Chloe a new home?

At It's Pawfect we love animals, and always want to give back, so we actively work with the pet shelter by giving free baths and grooming to animals in need. Chloe is one our special friends that could use a home. For more about Chloe Click Here